Al Rayan Fashion LTD.

Company's Code of Conduct

Introduction :

Al Rayan Fashion LTD is one of the largest knitwear manufacturer and exporter establishments of the country. The reputation of this establishment is internationally recognized too. A huge number of male and female workers are in this establishment. Al Rayan Fashion LTD is cordially committed to preserve a specific code of conduct in workplace.This establishment is respectful to local and international law and customs and the code of conducts of several buyers.The authorities are committed to keep/preserve human right, law and customs alongside ensuring friendly environment and safe workplace. All the production units of Al Rayan Fashion LTD are committed to implement the code of conducts mentioned below:

1. Ethical Standard & Respect to Law & Practice

Al Rayan Fashion LTD keeps/preserves/maintains values and morality in its every step and activities.The establishment follows local and international laws and customs. Al Rayan Fashion LTD along with its all production units is committed to follow the code of conducts of several buyers.

2. Regular Employment /Recruitment

Al Rayan Fashion LTD believes that productiveness depends on the skilled man power. For the purpose of recruiting appropriate person for appropriate work this establishment conducts recruitment activities through a neutral, faultless & participatory recruitment procedure.

3. Child Labor

Al Rayan Fashion LTD engages no child laborer in any work of the factories. To justify the age of the concerned workers it is mandatory to submit the copy of national identity card, birth certificate, educational certificate.

4. Forced Labor/Bonded Labor

In Al Rayan Fashion LTD forced labor is strictly forbidden. During the work it is mandatory to keep every exit and entrance open. Al Rayan Fashion LTD keeps apart from appointing imprisoned, contracted and part time laborers.Al Rayan Fashion LTD engages no worker in any work against his will. Besides Al Rayan Fashion LTD does not engage in work the imprisoned laborers, laborers out of prison but contracted to court or the laborers who are unwilling to work for any other reason.

5. Discrimination

In Al Rayan Fashion LTD recruitment, promotion, increment are done on the basis of one’s qualification. There is no discrimination here because of the difference of gender, religion, color, language, and race. Equal right is ensured for male and female.

6. Harassment & Abuse

We try our level best to ensure any kind of harassment free working conditions Al Rayan Fashion LTD along with physical, verbal, mental, sexual harassment.Every worker of the company is treated respectfully.

7. Working Hours

No worker is allowed to work over 60 hours a week . Here it is mentionable that as per the notification of the Govt. work up to 72 hours per week is allowed for the special/emergency cause. All the officers, staffs and workers enjoy one day off without fail among seven days. The company engages no female worker in work from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am without their consent.

8. Health and Safety

Al Rayan Fashion LTD ensures safe and hygienic working environment/conditions for workers and staffs. Necessary description about this has been given in health and safety policy. The company takes necessary steps to identify risk and hindrance on the way of ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions/environment.

9.Wages & Benefits

In Al Rayan Fashion LTD the salary of workers is fixed up according to the gazette and notification of People's Republic of Bangladesh. They are issued pay slip before paying their salary. Besides these they enjoy annual increment, festival bonus, attendance bonus, maternity benefits.Besides over time is voluntary and over time compensation is paid with monthly salary according to the existing labor law.

10. Environment

Al Rayan Fashion LTD is always careful of maintaining all the environmental rules and regulations in. In the environment policy of the company it is given importance on environment. This company stays far from any kind of activities which are harmful for the persons engaged inwork and the environment of outside area of the company. Taking necessary steps along with afforestation and garbage refinement Al Rayan Fashion LTD keeps contribution on environment.

11. Freedom of Association

Al Rayan Fashion LTD gives freedom to its all employees to form association in a legal and peaceful way. The workers and staffs are helped to express their opinion freely to form welfare fund and worker forum.

12. Disciplinary Practices

Al Rayan Fashion LTD takes disciplinary action against workers in accordance with labor law. It is strictly forbidden to punish physically violating human rights.

13. Social Commitment

Al Rayan Fashion LTD participates in social cultural activities actively. The company proclaims unity of the general people paying economic help in developing school, college and hospital. Al Rayan Fashion LTD is committed to several social welfare along with participating in sports activities, garments and relief distribution among the destitute.

14. Honesty & Transparency

Al Rayan Fashion LTD believes that it is keeping a special contribution to make a safe and constant environment dejecting bribe and corruption inside the establishment. Al Rayan Fashion LTD inspires its officers and staffs to report any kind of doubtful activities. Otherwise if taking bribe and corruption is proved against any employee,as early as possible he is punished conducting judicial proceedings and if needed, he is suspended. Al Rayan Fashion LTD follows the honesty and transparency principle strictly about the doubtful and illegal activities.

15. Subcontract

Ethically Al Rayan Fashion LTD doesn’t do any subcontract work. But different kinds of accessories are bought from the companies approved by the buyers. But it is mentionable that if any company wishes to do subcontract work from us, they have to abide by the COC of us and buyers and the buyers should be informed. Subcontract work has to be done only through buyer approval, not in another way.

16. Security

Al Rayan Fashion LTD maintains its security system so that drug, explosive and prohibited substance do not go with shipment.To ensure internal safety and to stop the entrance of outsiders into the factory the security guards are deployed in several points twenty four hours.

17. Internal Audit

Internal audit of different periods is conducted in Al Rayan Fashion LTD This audit report is reviewed once a year by the Managing Director.

18. Management Review

All the policy & procedures of Al Rayan Fashion LTD are reviewed once a year.Here it is mentionable that if the addition or detachment of the policy and procedures is needed, they are rectified raising in emergency meeting within three days.


If the top Management feels necessary, in that case they will be able to review this code of conduct.