AL RAYAN FASHION LTD has started its business since 2018. Under one hand efforts of “Mohammed Shafiul Azam” Managing Director of the garments factory. From its inception, the group generate to strategic planning feed backed by sophisticated machine, proper marketing and deployment of professional people in apparel spheres which resulted to access in global apparel business successfully. It is well equipped by dyestuffs, chemicals, knitting, dyeing, all over and placement printing, embroidery, labeling and other allied accessories for garment production with sufficient supporting facilities.

Knitting, Dyeing, Printing, Garments, Spinning, Yarn Dyeing, Doubling & Twisting, Knit Dyeing, Washing, Embroidering, Merchandising, Sample Development, Pattern and Marker Making, Cutting, Sewing, Finishing, QC.


Al Rayan Fashion produces all kinds of knit fabrics it needs to meet the export demand. Using the world’s latest and most dependable German and Taiwan origin brand machinery, it manufactures about 15 tons of quality knit fabrics, per day, using almost all varieties of knit yearnsin all blends, counts and constructions. Al Rayan Fashion produces Single Jersey, Heavy Jersey, Cotton and Lycra Piquet, Lacoste, Rib, Interlock, Fleece, Jacquard, Frence Terry, Herringbone, Thermal, Polyester, Nylon, Viscose, Coolmax, Yarn-dyed feeder stripe, engineering stripe, all-over body print and piece print fabrics etc.


Al Rayan Fashion LTD has latest European technology for dyeing yarns made of Cotton, PC, CVC, 100% Polyester, Modal, Viscose and the likes. It can dye about 10 tons per day.


''Al Rayan Fashion LTD'' cuts about 15000 pcs body a day. We have 10 high quality cutter machine and a few skilled cutterman.


Capable of printing any type of specifications in film to screen developments, Al Rayan Fashion LTD has an all-over printing facility also. In up to 12 colors, it can print about 5 tons of fabrics every day.


Al Rayan Fashion LTD produces fine yarn, slub yarn, cvc, organic cotton, pima cotton and several other yarns. Its Rieter, Schlafhorst, Toyoda and Murata etc machines are from globally textiles champion countries in European and advanced Asia. With 12000 spindles, it now produces about 150 tons of yarns per month. It has Ring Spinning System to produce combed and carded yarns. Al Rayan Fashion LTD produces 100 percent cotton and blended yarns ranging 20-40 counts for both knit and woven industries. It manufactures other types of yarns like rotor andvortex yarns.


Al Rayan Fashion LTD has latest European technology for dyeing yarns made of Cotton, PC, CVC, 100% Polyester, Modal, Viscose and the likes. It can dye about 5 tons per day.

Doubling & Twisting

Al Rayan Fashion LTD has doubling and twisting facilities for both of gray and dyed yarns. It can process about 1000 kg of yarns per day.


Al Rayan Fashion LTD dyes about 20 tons of knit fabrics a day. Its intensive experience, expertise and state-of-the-art dyeing technology results in a clone-like uniformity in achieving dyeing perfection.


The washing facility of Al Rayan Fashion LTD is capable of processing all the volume and types of washing necessary for the factory.


For augmenting its apparel further as per the desire of its buyers, Al Rayan Fashion LTD uses 20 head world standard embroidery facility.


Al Rayan Fashion's merchandising experts are highly experienced and have got the ultimate visualization and demonstration techniques. So, fast and effective negotiation is an instant affair here.


Research & Development (R&D) and Sample Production facilities of Al Rayan Fashion LTD are among the best in the industry. These facilities immensely contribute to ensuring each piece of apparel it makes would ultimately be an identical reproduction of the approved samples.


In 5 lines, on about 3000 square feet of floor space, about 500 skilled people are working in an ideal environment to produce about 10000 pieces of high quality and diverse types of knit garments every day. All of the garment manufacturing machines here are of world-leading brands with automatic support devices. Al Rayan Fashion LTD has got all of the frequently needed special types of sewing machinery needed in the knitwear industry.


The apparel finishing section of Al Rayan Fashion LTD has got all of the machinery and equipment including metal detector. On its production floors, continuous quality surveillance is conducted carefully. At present, it is working at the AQL of less than 1.5. It targets to hit the ultimate zero-rejection level soon.


About 2000 square feet of floor space, about 80 skilled people are working to finish about 10000 pieces body every day. Then they take necessary step for shipment.