Sustainability is much more than an idea at Al Rayan Fashion LTD. Sustainability is profoundly embedded into our business. We take our role in responsibly shaping the future very seriously by consistently working to improve not only our performance and the quality of our products, but also how we do business and how we treat our people, the various communities we serve and the environment around us.

Social Compliance

Al Rayan Fashion LTD. maintains a very high level of industrial relations with its workforce members. And so, it commits a considerable amount of resources for training, development, compliance and motivation. Recognizing the human resource as one of its key success factors, it provides trainings to them on a regular basis to help improve production quality and organizational productivity. ARF complies with all provisions of the labor as well as the factory laws and conventions applicable. We offer a Compliance Helpline, an Open Door Policy & anti-retaliation protections as our Compliance Program incorporates the elements in accordance with certification bodies around the globe such as BSCI, ISO 9001-2008, and so on. Considering the humanity factor as a very important aspect of the group, the top management of ARF interpersonally maintains a very good relation with its workforce. The group helps maintain a working environment in which the workers can truly feel their workplace as their second home.It provides Personal safety and hygiene of the working people get top priority. Wages and other financial benefits are offered invariably on time. Certified practitioners and qualified nurses ensure medical care at all of its units. Maternity attention and benefits are provided accordingly. Safe & homely childcare facility maintained by trained baby sitters is offered to workers and employees having minor children not going to schools. A Participation Committee (PC), constituted through election according to the Labor Law 2006 and Labor Rules 2016, is active here to develop awareness among employees and workers about their welfare, right and responsibilities. Thru appropriate training and orientations, Al Rayan Fashion LTD keeps them always prepared to handle different types of occupational hazards. Preparation for firefighting gets an extra emphasis here. It regularly practices fire drill with the help of the Fire Service & Civil Defense Authority of Bangladesh. At all of its premises, Al Rayan Fashion LTD exercises evacuation drill on a regular schedule to make sure all people on its floors would safely, successfully and smoothly respond to any emergency call for evacuation, if need be at all. ARF have constituted a dedicated department to look after the matters that are called compliance in common terms but it views all these as a highbred positive motivation initiative in its own understanding.

Mission Statement:

Consumer Mission
whatever we’ve achieved, it’s credit should be directed towards our clients. So To manufacture & supply the high quality product in shorter lead time with sustainable compliance is our mission as always.
Social Mission
To act responsibly as a global corporate citizen & ensure the well-being and growth of our workforce as well as community.
Environment Mission
To foster a sustainable future through reducing waste, pollution & the use of resources that means environmental well-being.
Sustainable Social Compliance mission
We are always committed and concerned to sustain our present compliance standard and we hope in next we will reach the better sustain position by achieving the H&M , C&A and Others reputed buyer’s strategic Gold Supplier.

Code of Conduct

Our policy is to comply with all applicable national laws and regulations, industry minimum standards, as well as to respect all relevant international standard including ILO ,UN conventions and we do follow the code of conduct of the business to fulfill the aspirations of the buyers. We make sure that there is a high profile liaison between decency and good business relationship.
Committed With:
  1. Competitive Wages.
  2. Women Empowerment (60% of our garments workforce is female).
  3. Timely Salary disbursement.
  4. Training center for human development.
  5. Noise level tracking & monitoring.
  6. No Child labor, No Forced Labor.
  7. Anti-Abuse and Anti-Harassment.
  8. Non-Discrimination.
  9. See Company’s Code of Conduct.